Sterling Institute: Relationships are not something that just happen... They are something you work on.
Relationships are not something that just happen... They are something you work on.
The Sterling Institute of Relationship, founded in 1979, is dedicated to transforming the quality of people's relationships. In the Men's and Women's Weekends, men and women come to know and understand themselves and each other so they can have the successful and productive relationships and lives they want.
The Sterling Women's Weekend The Sterling Women's Weekend:
The Sterling Women's Weekend is a powerful, life-transforming experience that addresses in a unique way the central issues of a woman's life. These include knowing who she is and what is important to her, knowing her worth, finding and embracing her passion and purpose, and learning how to have the relationships she wants -- with a life partner, husband, boyfriend, family, children, parents, friends -- and, most importantly, with herself. It offers women everything they need to have the successful relationships they want. Learn More>>
The Sterling Men's Weekend The Sterling Men's Weekend:
The Sterling Men�s Weekend focuses on the changing gender roles of the time and the resulting confusion that men experience. The Men�s Weekend brings men back in touch with their abandoned legacy of honor, purpose, and commitment. Graduates gain new self-acceptance, increase their confidence and enthusiasm, and enjoy much greater satisfaction and success both at home and in their careers. Learn More>>
The Sterling Institute Post Graduate Programs: The Sterling Institute offers all graduates of the Men's and Women's Weekend opportunities to deepen their understanding of applying what they learn in the Weekends in their lives. These include Women's Weekend classes and community gatherings, Men's Weekend courses, post-graduate seminars for men and women together, and private counseling sessions

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Sterling Institute of Relationship: What People Say

Patricia - Hanover NH
I attended the Women's Weekend after many years of marriage....We both feel well-loved and very lucky in life! I'm very grateful for the Women's Weekend and the women who care for it... Read More >>

Bill E - New York
Justin, I'm writing to you to thank you personally. I don't believe I've ever told you how the Sterling Men's Weekend changed my life. I'll likely never know the true value that trusting relationships with men has for me... Read More >>

Suzanne G. - Ludlow, VT
I got many things out of the Women's Weekend but one of the hugest things was a sense of knowing that I was responsible for making my life what I want it to be... Read More >>
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