Who attends
Who attends the Women’s Weekend?
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Women of all ages, and in all stages of life, women in their early 20s to beyond their 70’s. The sharing of the varied experiences of all the women in the Weekend is an important part of the journey.

The purpose of the Sterling Women’s Weekend is: To engage in the process of locating the source of your power and discovering and dissolving the barriers between you and manifesting that power in your relationships and in the world.

What is the Sterling Women’s Weekend?

The Sterling Women's Weekend is two day workshop for women, but more than that it is a powerful, life-transforming experience that addresses in a unique way the central issues of a woman's life. These include knowing who she is and what is important to her, knowing her worth, finding and embracing her passion and purpose, and learning how to have the relationships she wants -- with a life partner, husband, boyfriend, family, children, parents, friends -- and, most importantly, with herself. It offers women everything they need to have the successful relationships they want.

The Women's Weekend helps women to:

  • Build relationship skills that work, wherever you are in your life
  • Learn how to date successfully and get ready to be in a long term committed relationship
  • Learn to make the marriage you're in the one you always wanted—fulfilling, happy and successful—and last a lifetime
  • Build self-esteem and a loving, gentle relationship with yourself
  • Get new insights into the joys and challenges of parenting
  • Find your passion and purpose in a career or life work
  • And it can be a place where you can heal some deep wounds for good

My relationships are doing ok. Why should I attend the Women’s Weekend?

You’ll have fun! The Women’s Weekend is challenging to many women because you have the opportunity to look at who you are and how you live your life. But there are also parts that are affirming, joyful and fun!

The purpose of the Weekend sounds complicated. What does it really mean?

That is a good question. What does it mean? How does one locate the source of one’s power? What are the barriers that stand between a woman and manifesting her power in her relationships and in the world? What does it feel like to “dissolve” them? How does one do that? This is what the Sterling Women’s Weekend is all about.