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To engage in the process of locating the source of your power and discovering and dissolving the barriers between you and manifesting that power in your relationships and in the world.

What does this mean? How does one locate the source of one’s power? What are the barriers that stand between a woman and manifesting her power in her relationships and in the world? What does it feel like to “dissolve” them? How does one do that?

These are but a few of the questions that are answered in the Sterling Women’s Weekend.

The Sterling Women’s Weekend is:

A powerful, dynamic, life-transforming experience that addresses, in a unique and poignant way, the central issues of a woman’s life.

The Women’s Weekend on creating a successful life:

A woman in contemporary society, whether she is 23 or 83 years old, often faces confusion and conflict about who she is, what her role(s) in our modern society should be, what is important to her, where and how she fits in the dynamic of interpersonal relationships, and how to create a successful, productive, fulfilling life. The Women’s Weekend, over the course of three challenging days, guides her through these issues in an unforgettable way.

The Women’s Weekend on self-esteem:

Weekend participants are encouraged to consider, explore and experience the way adult women in our culture relate to each other—in other words, the nature of their relationships. Developing deep, intimate, trusting relationships with other women is a central theme of the Women’s Weekend. However, one inescapable fact that often emerges from this exploration is that low self-esteem is practically an epidemic among women. It colors every aspect of a woman’s experience of her life—from her relationship with herself (does she know, accept, love, trust herself?), to her choices in other relationships (are they satisfying and fulfilling?), to her sense of her own priorities (does she know what is important to her and how to live in accordance with those things?), to what she is able to accomplish in her life (has she set goals and met them, have her dreams come true?), to what legacy she leaves to future generations (was she a role model for the young women of tomorrow, did her life have meaning?).

Sadly, the answer to many of those questions posed above is a resounding “no”. The result of low self-esteem is the inability to achieve what is referred to in the Weekend as “full self-acceptance”. Full self-acceptance is essential to women’s mental, physical, emotional and spiritual health and well-being, as well as that of their husbands, children, families, and our society as a whole.

The Women’s Weekend on life direction:

Women of the past embraced their roles as the healers and peacemakers of their families and the world. They understood and celebrated the differences between men and women. Women of the present have somehow lost that ability; they have neglected to listen to, or have rejected, the teachings of the women who have gone before them. They have become disconnected from their essential feminine nature, their intuition, and this estrangement is felt in every area of their lives.

The Women’s Weekend on the source of a woman’s power and her true self:

As each part of the Weekend builds upon what went before, women are brought to a stark recognition of what is wrong, what has been missing in their lives, what their responsibility is. Through the use of ritual and ceremony, the women are guided through a process of expressing and releasing the pain that has kept them “stuck” in low self-esteem and separate from their true selves. For each participant, this results in the creation of a profound, timeless spiritual and emotional connection to all women, and a palpable connection to the source of her own power as a woman.

The Women’s Weekend on what works:

The benefits of the Women’s Weekend are many and varied. A woman who has truly, objectively looked at herself can see those parts of herself and her behavior that do not enhance her life; as she lets go of those things she begins to know herself. A woman who accepts responsibility for herself and her relationships can choose to change, can learn to do what works, and thereby begin to accept herself. A woman who has felt, expressed and released her old pain can move forward in her life, unencumbered by the weight of all that “baggage” and, in so doing, begin to love and trust herself. A woman who can befriend and comfort and trust another woman begins to build her self-esteem.

The Women’s Weekend on self-acceptance and purpose in life:

As a woman moves forward toward full self-acceptance, she is able to articulate her own priorities and begin to live in a way that supports those priorities. As she understands and embraces the differences between men and women, she becomes able to transform a failing relationship or create a successful new one. As she sees beyond herself and her own immediate needs, she is able to find meaning and create a sense of purpose in her life. As she gives of herself to others she becomes a beacon that lights the way for future generations.

These are the simple, extraordinary, priceless gifts of the Women’s Weekend.

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